Read on to see how Kate Dawes Studio finally came about…

My Story

Art and creativity has always been a big part of my life. For the last 25 years I have worked in the creative and photographic industries via Paris, Vancouver, Mallorca and London. Being lucky enough to have art directed, produced and edited for the likes of the BBC, Red Magazine, Ford and numerous catalogues it seemed the right moment that instead of just working on my own creative projects behind the scenes it was time to put them centre stage.
This is how my wall art has made it out into the wide world. I’ve come full circle, returning to the countryside to my childhood stomping ground and have decided to be brave and showcase my own work inspired by the wonders of nature and my passion for all things botanical.

Early Inspirations

Whilst most teens of my generation covered their bedroom walls in Duran Duran and Wham posters, mine were predominantly peppered with prints from art exhibitions I had visited – Hockney, Gauguin, Matisse, Leger, Pissarro, Georgia O’Keefe and the Dutch Masters – all mixed up with the odd pop star. My favourite spot was my desk overlooking my mum’s rose garden where I spent hours sketching, drawing and painting and despite the fact I didn’t take up art college offers, it’s something that’s stayed with me always.
The style I developed in my early years continues into some of my most recent work using pen and ink to create intricate images of blooms, botanicals and floral designs. This has evolved into my latest mixed media work and art imagery, capturing the strong lines, structures and dusty jewel shades of a variety of flowers and foliage.

My Creative Career

I’ve been lucky to have had a long career in the creative and photographic industry for 25 plus years. I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some very talented photographers, designers and art directors. With years of compiling visual style boards, producing photo shoots, searching out locations, art directing shoots, endlessly editing images and scrutinising the corners of all things photographic I’ve been immersed in all things creative for many years. These experiences and skills have translated into my own personal creative work. From a start at the Telegraph Colour Library (now part of Getty Images) to working at one of London’s prestigious design agencies Imagination Ltd, then onto the fabulous BBC creative department, to finally setting up my own photographic production company in Mallorca, these experiences have fortified my eye for detail and have immersed me in the world of visual storytelling and mood provoking images.

My work today

My work is a hybrid of art and photography, combining artistic skills and photo imagery. The images emphasise the natural beauty of botanicals and florals to create bold graphic art pieces. Each piece starts life on watercolour paper and is delicately built up using a wide range of mediums from watercolours, acrylics, to my favourite Caran D’Ache pencil crayons as well as a light touch of black ink pen.
My work is about ‘bringing the outside in’, providing somewhere for the gaze to rest and to hopefully bring some peace and harmony to your interiors.
Whatever your style: modern country, cottage core cosiness, British eclectic, or contemporary, these botanical pieces have been created to stand alone or to make up a gallery wall.
All my art pieces are a very British affair that draw inspiration from rambling English country gardens, wildflower meadows and laden hedgerows.

All work and prints are British made and produced. To be as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible, all Kate Dawes Studio art pieces are produced in small batches or made to order to reduce waste. Packaging is also made from recycled materials wherever possible.

10% of all profits will be donated to local and national cancer charities, from local hospices, Maggie’s Cancer Centres and Penny Brohn UK that create calm, nature filled retreats, to Cancer Research who will hopefully help provide a cure.