Drawing workshops for wellbeing and mental health

Interactive Drawing Workshops for Wellbeing

Art and drawing can help relieve stress and anxiety and can improve general well-being and mental health. This is why alongside creating my mixed-media wall art and pen and watercolour work, I’ve been enjoying running interactive pen drawing workshops that promote well-being.

Interactive Drawing Workshops for Wellbeing

The aim of my interactive drawing sessions is to look at how the simple act of pen drawing can help with your self-care, holistic well-being and mindfulness. This is not about your artistic talent but about using pen drawing in a relaxed environment to help relieve levels of worry, stress and anxiety. It’s about the process of drawing, not the quality of art produced.

Drawing with pen can help mental well-being

Why take part in a pen drawing workshop?

The main focus of these informal, fun sessions is using drawing as a tool to improve wellbeing and emotional health.

I always emphasise that artistic talent is nothing to do with these workshops and it’s all about the mark making process, being relaxed and giving pen drawing a go.

Drawing with pen and watercolour workshops

What happens in a pen drawing session?

We look at the different methods of pen drawing – be it scribbling or high definition, so people feel equipped and a bit more confident at putting pen to paper. All that’s required at the session is a biro (or a specialist art pen if you already have this) and some paper.

Participants are welcome to draw anything that they wish. Be it just doodling or focussing on one of the natural forms I bring along – flowers, foliage or shells. Some people focus in on one leaf, its veins and structure, whilst others may try and capture a bunch of tulips. Whatever, the artistic success of the end result doesn’t matter, it’s all about the process of putting pen to paper. I am always on hand though to offer advice on how best to draw and to give encouragement.

well-being art workshops to help mental health

What are the benefits of interactive drawing sessions?

It has been proven that drawing and art really does help well-being, reduce stress and anxiety and it is used in art therapy and social prescribing.
I love running these sessions, watching those who look rather nervous at the start, relax and engage wholeheartedly in the activity. Participants benefit in many ways by being involved in these workshops – be it for mindfulness, as a stress decompressor or for social engagement, and many take a lot away from the experience – please read what they have to say:

“Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into last night’s talk and also for your encouragement to all of us. I hated art at school but your positive attitude re mental health, wellbeing and sheer enjoyment was an inspiration and even I felt relaxed when attempting the drawing” WF.

I take great joy in seeing tables of people placing pen strokes, chatting, laughing and just getting absorbed by the task.

“A great evening yesterday, well done! All seem to have enjoyed it and I think it was great to get everyone having a go and chatting and laughing, excellent for mental health. Congratulations.” MT

Please get in touch if you’d like know more about my work or are interested in me hosting a Kate Dawes Studio interactive pen drawing for wellness workshop or would like to take part in one.


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