Biophilia in Interior Design

Biophilia in Interior Design

Biophilia in Interiors

Incorporating floral and botanical wall art into your home is an easy way to ‘bring the outdoors in’. Research has shown that an increased connection with nature is of huge importance to mental and physical wellbeing. Nature inspired prints such as those by Kate Dawes Studio and biophilic interior design help bring elements of the natural world into homes and urban environments. The on-trend addition of foliage, plants and floral imagery encourages an engagement with nature as well as adding colour and interest to interior design schemes.

What is Biophilia?

According to the theory of biologist Edward O. Wilson, biophilia is an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world. It focuses on our deep-seated attraction and love of nature and its importance to our health and well-being. Our connection to the natural world is increasingly important, especially as urban environments grow. It is imperative for our welfare that elements of nature are accessible.

‘Late Summer Leaves’ by Kate Dawes Studio

Why use Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design incorporates elements of nature into interiors to re-connect people with the outdoors. Unsurprisingly in recent years as we spend more time indoors and in cities, it has gained popularity. By adding aspects of nature into an interior design scheme, it has been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure levels and heart rates. Bringing ‘the great outdoors’ into all indoor environments – be it the home or office, improves not only aesthetics but also our physical and mental health. Large forward-thinking companies have taken note and have added biophilic design to their work spaces, as it is reported to increase productivity, creativity, and levels of well-being. 

‘Bright Bloom’ & ‘Delicate Dahlia’ by Kate Dawes Studio


How to incorporate biophilic design into interiors?

There are simple ways biophilic design can be incorporated into interiors using direct and indirect interaction with nature.
The trend for indoor plants continues to grow, be it a shelf of succulents, a giant swiss cheese plant or a hanging money plant. An urban jungle display can enhance our interiors whilst also providing us with direct contact and interaction with nature. 

We are also able to evoke a sense of nature through use of natural textiles, textures and the addition of botanical and floral images. By incorporating horticultural art into our interiors and gallery walls we create a focal point where our eye can rest, relax and quietly reconnect with nature. 

Striking nature inspired art pieces can add splashes of colour, complementing an interior design scheme, whilst also drawing us in to look closely at the shapes, patterns and structures of leaves, plants and flowers. These images of blooming florals, botanicals and foliage stimulate our senses and also create a calm connection with nature that can improve our well-being.   

‘Dahlias Waves’ & ‘White Waves’ by Kate Dawes Studio

The small independent art studio Kate Dawes Studio is inspired by the great British countryside, gardens and flowers and here you’ll find a collection of contemporary botanical wall art to bring the ‘outdoors in’ to your interiors. Please take a look at:

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