World of Wedgwood World Art Day Workshop

World of Wedgwood World Art Day Workshop

As part of the World of Wedgwood World Art Day celebrations, I was delighted to run a Pen Drawing and Watercolour for Wellness workshop.

Before the event, I was privileged to dive into the Wedgwood archives to source beautiful Wedgwood botanical designs that we could use as inspiration for the art workshop. As we were located in the Darwin Suite, right next door to the V&A Wedgwood Collection we were also in easy reach of further inspiration. 

I chose a selection of Wedgwood designs with flowers, blooms and foliage for the guests to recreate in pen and watercolour. 

Whilst I also included designs of butterflies and dragonflies for those wanting to try their hand at something else.   

I split the art workshop into two phases - firstly pen drawing and then watercolour painting so participants could master one skill after the other. I showed the learners different drawing techniques including sketching, scribbling and detailing, getting them used to working with fine-line drawing pens of different pen tip sizes.  In the second phase of the workshop, I demonstrated a ‘dry’ watercolour method and showed how this could be used to enhance pen drawing. Throughout I offered guidance to individuals, so they could develop their personal style to reimagine the beautiful Wedgwood floral designs.

As with all my workshops, I helped participants of all abilities, from those with art degrees wanting to refine their skills to those who had not had a go since their school days. In a relaxed environment, they all improved and tried different techniques. I was delighted to receive positive feedback from the workshop.  

As well as teaching different artistic techniques I also touched on how art and drawing can help with wellness and improved mental health. Showing that by being immersed in art and  'being in the flow' can be used as a form of meditation and mindfulness. 

After the workshop, some of the participants headed over to take a look at my art on the walls at the two Michelin-starred chef Niall Keatings restaurant Lunar at the World of Wedgwood. My art has been re-homed from the main restaurant into the intimate and aptly named Botanical Garden bar, which is a great place to try one of their delicious signature cocktails. 

Please get in touch if you’d like know more about my work or are interested in attending one of my Kate Dawes Studio interactive pen drawing workshops or would like me to run one for your event or group. 

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